Dr. Bilal Obeid has made several medical achievements, including:


The first operation. In the world with a new technique for the elbow joint.

A femur lengthening procedure, the first of its kind in the world, and breaking a record in terms of lengthening the thigh bone 15 cm.

Artificial skin implantation for the first time in Lebanon, to save the patient’s foot from amputation.

The invention of a device that fights osteitis and the world’s first operation with this device.

Performing the first robotic operation with 3D optical technology in the Middle East.

He was honored at the European International University in Turkey for his medical achievements in 2018.

He was honored by the Ministry of Culture at the Creative Land Festival as the best creative doctor in Lebanon in 2019.

He made a proposal that includes treating the virus Covid 19 and its symptoms with the ozone technology, and it was published in ClinMed International Library, journal of infectious diseases and epidemiology, USA. And obtained the intellectual property rights for this treatment.

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